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Top 10 Lists 2017 - Earn The Necklace
Does anyone remember that YouTube video of Mortal Kombat's Subzero on the elevator scaring people? Well, this...Moreps://" target="_blank"> channel hosts the pranksters behind that viral video that made over 75.0&nbsp.

Black Eyed Peas Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets
They join the likes of Ariana Grande, Cody Simpson and Carly Rae Jepsen, who are also managed by Braun, reports Fact: The Black Eyed Peas crashed David Guetta's dance party at the Coachella festival over the weekend (11-12Apr15) to premiere.

Sundance Review: An American Crime
Before the screening started the director of An American Crime, Tommy O'Haver, gave a brief introduction and stated that we need to "submit to this journey", turn off the right side of our brains, and try to feel the same spirit that the cast and crew felt.

Who the Heck Are Fifth Harmony, and Why Are Teens Obsessed With Them?
If you follow a young person (or just a person younger than you) on Twitter, you probably know this week's biggest news: Fifth Harmony has an album out! Don't you know who Fifth Harmony is? No? That's what we're here to explain. It'll be painless.

OFFSEASON NOTES: Giants add four right-handers to 40-man roster, Gutierrez DFA’d
A brief break from Panda Watch for some actual roster moves. To protect them from the Rule 5 draft held at the Winter Meetings, the Giants added Derek Law, Ray Black, Cody Hall and Joan Gregorio to the 40-man roster. Some big arms in that group.

Journalist Nearly Banned from YouTube and Gmail For Posting Al-Qaeda Videos From Chelsea Manning Trial
Undeniably, portions of the Gadahn video uploaded by O’Brien do contain al-Qaeda propaganda—and 75 percent of content removed from YouTube over a one month period this summer involved “violent extremism”—but it did not contain scenes of graphic.

An Oasis of Racially Diverse Television Is Right Under Our Noses
Latina actress Raini Rodriguez, who plays Trish, Austin's manager, really steals the show, which is about teenagers in Miami who are working together to launch the career of Austin Moon; a Cody Simpson lookalike ... coming out this summer and both star.

Give him 2.54 centimeters and he'll take 1.609344 kilometers
I like the metric system. I really do. It’s so much easier than trying to remember how many inches there are to a mile, or roods per square furlong *. I prefer metric over the imperial system, and use it all the time. I really wish the U.S. would just.

Cyanogen Takes in $80 Million in Funding, Says Stupid Shit Like “We’re Putting a Bullet Through Google’s Head.”
Cyanogen announced this morning that they have taken in an additional $80 million in funding through a recent financing round. Congrats! The companies involved in the round are some heavy hitters like Twitter, Qualcomm, Telefónica Ventures, and Rupert.

Is this the decline of Wikipedia? A third of editors have QUIT complaining site bosses have 'lowered the bar' on quality
Wikipedia is in decline according to experts after it was revealed that the numbers of the site's volunteer editors has shrunk by a third since 2007. The crowdsourced information site, which gets at least 10 billion hits every calendar month, depends on.

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