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Justin Bieber, Venture Capitalist
Standing up as his own beatboxing merges seamlessly with ... singer-songwriter Mike Posner, Australian popster Cody Simpson and Canadian songstress Carly Rae Jepsen. Bieber is fine with it—to a point. “It’s a family, and we all help each other.

The Listings: June 17 -- June 23
Staged by Jim Simpson as a deftly orchestrated reading ... Rock 'n' roll wouldn't be the same without the whoops and hollers, the pounding barrelhouse piano chords and swooping glissandos that Little Richard hurled onto his singles in the 1950's.

Let's Putin the show right here! Russian President tinkles the ivories before his meeting with Xi Jinping
Ahead of his talks with Xi and other leaders on Sunday at the state Diaoyutai residence, Putin spoke at a summit on China's new Silk Road plan. While waiting for his bilateral with Xi to begin, Putin played several chords on an open piano. Putin played.

The Week In Games: Infinite Cross-Over Appeal
Fall starts later this week. The kids are back at school. And you can once again find Captain America shield-bashing the little tin knight from Ghosts ‘n Goblins. At least in those spare moments when I’m not trolling the expanses of Destiny 2 trying to.

Yanni brings the world to Easton's State Theatre in return engagement
He moved from the keyboards to his piano with slower, thoughtful tones during the gentler song “Felitsa,” dedicated to his mother who died. The duet between Yanni and violinist Mary Simpson struck a chord among ... baby panda from China that he named.

Big Question: When did you fall in love with movies?
The movie that made me fall in love with movies was The Marx Brothers film “Duck Soup.” Also “Animal Crackers.” They struck a big card. Madness, rebellion, Thelma Todd, harp music and Chico’s piano ... WITH MY MOM, STANDING ON THE SEATS SCREAMING.

50 Most Beautiful 2009 - Top 40 (HTML)
Arjun Jaikumar has been on Capitol Hill for less than two months and the shaggy-haired blogger and new-media guru for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) is already getting noticed. Jaikumar had been in town a mere five weeks before he.

Paul McCartney once said he was tired of being known as ‘the Cute Beatle’
A guitar chord ricochets off the back wall like a shot from a ... but how many fans would take it over “I Saw Her Standing There” or “Let It Be”? It’s a relatively fixed playlist, a price artists and audiences pay for laser lights, dry-ice.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Review: Bigger, Badder, But I Still Want More
Sporting a stunning extra-widescreen 18.5:9 display, the new Galaxy Note 8 is bigger and more engaging than ever before, and it packs a larger power pack than any Note besides the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7 too. But a lot has changed since 2015—especially.

Piano sonata in the key of Kepler-11
The pitch (note) is determined by the planet’s distance from its star (closer=higher), and they are drawn from a minor 11 chord. The volume is determined by the size of the planet (larger=louder). The result is actually quite listenable! That’s lovely.

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