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Night Sky – Galaxies - Millstone News
the Milky Way. It is thought these kinds of events may be quite common in the evolution of large galaxies. http://en. wikipedia .org/ wiki /Galaxy_formation_and_evolution ... It's now thought to shine with the light of two trillion stars like our sun.

Just in case you thought Ron Paul wasn’t so bad
When compared to the other Republican presidential candidates, Ron Paul seems almost sane (but then, in that crowd so would L. Ron Hubbard). But before you think he will swoop in and save us from far-right theocrats like Huckabee and Romney, think again.

At Least One Star Will Have a Very Close Encounter With Our Sun
The Sun is good. Without our hot, gas ball of a friend, we’d all be dead. More accurately, we would have never been born! So it’s a good thing that our Sun has escaped some very close encounters with other stars throughout its lifetime. But the danger.

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