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America's Most Wanted
The star, who earns up ... on my speed dial.” But he’s no raging bull—business school chums nicknamed him Safe Dance for his paws-off style. GREAT DATE: Grilling fish he caught himself. CAVEAT: Likes brunettes with “light blue or green eyes.”.

The Rollicking 2,000-Mile Route to America's Psychotic Core
The sun came out as I passed Rice Lake and entered South Dakota, 120 miles to Pierre, where in the brown-and-yellow seeming ... I was caught in a speed trap by a nice deputy young enough to be my son, if I had knocked up my high school sweetheart.

The Latest: Boomer Phelps celebrates with stuffed animal - Daily Mail
The 19-year-old touched in 1 minute, 54.88 seconds, following up her victory in the 400 free with another dominant performance. But all eyes were on Franklin, who had finished seventh the night before in the 100 backstroke — a race she won at the.

Man arrested for 'holding girlfriend captive for days, bludgeoning her with hammer, pulling out her hair and pouring ... - Daily Mail
A Pennsylvania man with a history of violence has been accused of holding his girlfriend captive for more than three days during which he repeatedly struck her with a hammer, pulled out clumps of her hair and poured bleach in her eyes and wounds.

CagePotato Roundtable #18: Who's Your Favorite TUF Cast-Member of All Time? - Cagepotato
Before that, he triangled Matt Brown , who oozed tough. And before ... I feel like Matt Serra is the greatest TUF competitor by pretty much any criteria you could name, and I'm not just saying that because I have fond personal memories of the man. He.

Could flying give me another blood clot? - Daily Mail
This prompted them to do a study, published in The Lancet in 2000, which found that wearing elastic stockings reduced the risk of developing a clot; it compressed the veins near the skin, forcing blood through the deeper veins, increasing the speed of.

Heather Simpson's Wartime Story
In the New Year the weather became bitterly cold and the Kentish fields were covered in soft white snow, pretty as a Christmas card. In January Mr Clark was called up, leaving me with ... with big trusting brown eyes, a wide grin and arms and legs that.

Visually impaired teen thrives as 4.0 student at Mountain Crest
I can't see anything out of my left eye, while I can see pretty large print and make out shapes and colors ... impaired because I'm not half as smart as her — and I have my eyes." DeByle said Oliva has "come a long ways" from the quiet and shy.

John Wayne
He preferred the company of men who accepted loyalty as a cardinal virtue, guarded their innermost feelings carefully, and kept their word. In the 1950s John Wayne remarked to ... ran a seamstress shop. Molly Brown grew up in a comfortable middle-class.

The Nine Lives of Cat Marnell
Her face is defined by eyes as big as whiskey barrels ... zines by Harmony Korine, books on O.J. Simpson, Helen Gurley Brown, Monica Lewinsky. "I need to send a copy of my book to Monica Lewinsky," she notes, and quickly punches out an email to her.

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