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Tom Cruise Rides His Motorcycle Before 51st Birthday
Tom Cruise cruises away on his motorcycle hours before his 51st birthday on Tuesday (July 2) while leaving the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood, Calif. The Oblivion actor drove a Vyrus 987 C3 4V, which is reportedly the most powerful production motorcycle.

Stories for April 2016
updated: 04/30/2016 4:27 a.m. LONDON -- Two men living in Birmingham, England, appeared Friday in court after being charged with supplying money to Mohamed Abrini, the "man in the hat" who confessed to having accompanied two suicide bombers to Brussels.

What We Liked And Didn't Like About Dream Daddy
Gita: I can meet you in the middle about Amanda. Sometimes her dialogue is very Diablo Cody. Riley: From what I’ve played so far I feel like all the dads kind of walk around being like “I am a dad” and doing ‘dad’ things, and it feels like it.

Man With Nazi Tattoos Attends Indians Game
During yesterday’s Blue Jays-Indians game, a man who was at the game tweeted pictures of a shirtless fan who had prominent swastika tattoos on his back. The man later tweeted that the stadium staff moved him and his children to different seats, and has.

Not such an intimate getaway! Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid join Selena Gomez for beach party in Dubai on New Year's Eve before starting 2015 with a dip in the ocean
If Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid were hoping their trip to Dubai was ... down to his chest with black trousers and of course his now trademark wide brimmed fedora hat. Gigi rocked a sequinned, backless, long sleeved mini-dress to the designer party, which.

Rude Porsche Dealer Story Proves Why You Always Make An Appointment To Look At A Nice Car
Cody James wrote a lengthy post on Facebook about his negative ... Tom is a contributing writer for Jalopnik and runs AutomatchConsulting.com. He saves people money and takes the hassle out of buying or leasing a car.

Society of Civil Engineers
• Powerful well-based data manager includes: - Geotechnical Data (e.g. compaction) - Oriented Fractures - Lithology (soil & rock) - Stratigraphy (e.g. weathering horizons) - Hydrology - Soil Chemistry - Downhole Geophysics • Create well logs.

Give him 2.54 centimeters and he'll take 1.609344 kilometers
Who would listen to an album by the rock group 22.86 Centimeter Nails? And I can guarantee there is not a Texan in the Lone Star State who would wear a 37.854 liter hat. Take this to the extreme. I dare you. Read the title of this post and tremble at the.

Nike-Funded Study Shows Compression Tights Are Basically Useless
Compression tights are touted as enabling athletes to run faster and farther, while reducing injuries, but a new Nike-funded study—one that appears to have backfired on the clothing manufacturer—suggests these trendy items don’t work as advertised.

Mad Minute stories from Monday, July 17th
Animal Control Officer Daniel Simpson tells ... and a beanie hat. SPOKANE, Wash. - In Monday night's City Council meeting Spokane, council members considered a proposed change to the City's municipal code regarding sidewalk snow removal.

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