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When Obama and I Upset the Whole Country of Kenya
As you might imagine, I have replayed this moment frequently in my head. Perhaps I simply misheard the president. Perhaps time has warped my memory. But I don’t think so. I’m fairly certain Barack Obama called me Lips. Here ... Cody’s suggestion, we.

The New York Times
As always, the complete lists can be found here, along with an explanation of how they were assembled. It’s been a busy week for Cody Simpson. The tween dream ... Few special sections of The New York Times promise as much escapist pleasure as the annual.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Reveals What Happened Behind the Scenes of Emotional 'Seinfeld' Finale
Julia Louis-Dreyfus says she was “very undone” on the last day of taping Seinfeld, when the iconic series ended ... But I wish there were a third option. QUESTION: What about the industry or about acting still surprises you today.

Get That Life: How I Became an NFL Agent
It was 1995, when the OJ Simpson trial was ... their world — how they were managed, whether anyone had asked them their goals and dreams, and what they wanted their legacy to be. I kept hearing, "I wish you had been here from the beginning.

What Teen Shows Should I Watch? Here Are 101 Suggestions
Welcome back to Stay Tuned ... If you want a teen werewolf show, you're not gonna do a lot better than this. Underemployed (2012): Not quite teen characters, but a strong teen vibe. There were so many weird and off hiccups on this series, and yet.

Chicago soul
“If there were five murders in your neighborhood last year and three this year, you ... Here, he works with up and coming players at Jackie Robinson Park the day before the U.S. championship team lost to South Korea in the Little League World Series.

NFL Nostalgia: Ranking the Best Running Backs in NFL History
Here ... were in 1973. Maybe it wasn't a simpler time (Vietnam, Watergate), but it certainly was a simpler league. And for a few years, Simpson utterly dominated it. Imagine if the Patriots traded up in the 2016 draft to select Ezekiel Elliott. Unless you.

Emmys 2016: The live blog
The biggest winner on the night, though, was undoubtedly The People v OJ Simpson: American Crime Story, with five wins. The cast of Game of Thrones collect the Emmy for Best Drama Series ... you're the funniest woman on television, I wish you were hosting.

Stefanie Martini: A New Kind Of Jane Tennison
Actor Stefanie Martini—who plays a younger version of the iconic character in the new prequel series, Prime Suspect: Tennison—reveals how she found her own unique angle on Tennison. JACE LACOB (JACE): MASTERPIECE ... how familiar were you with the.

The Series Project: Leprechaun (Part 1)
The latter is equally risky, as you run the risk of changing what made the first two films so impressive to begin with. Think of Superman III, which had a goofy new tone. Or Death Wish ... so much here. The leprechaun is merely dispatched. Y'know, of.

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