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Brisbane news, politics, business, entertainment and arts gossip from the Corridors of Power - Courier Mail
fit to print ... but this crew will whisper if you lean in close. We've brought together our top insiders — Steven Wardill, Kay Dibben, Stephanie Bennett, Kris Crane and Glen Norris — to report from Brisbane's worlds of business, politics, court.

LGBT Pride Month: Celebrating Every Member of the Federal Family -
As we celebrate LGBT Pride Month, I want to proudly reinforce my continued commitment to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender members of our federal family, and recognize the incredible contributions this community has made in service to the&nbsp.

1) Distribution of written or printed material, including digitally distributed information and posting on social media, promoting or disparaging a Freemason’s qualifications for elective office; (2) Oral statements made inside or outside a tiled lodge.

Central West towns battered by freak Friday night storm | Photos - Western Advocate
DUBBO escaped the worst of the storm which lashed the Central West on Friday night but other towns weren't so lucky. Wild winds and hail stones caused widespread damage, with Parkes, Forbes and Young copping the worst of the battering. In Parkes a&nbsp.

Brands Celebrate Controversy-Free News Event
It’s been a tough year in the news. White supremacists are committing acts of domestic terrorism. North Korea is threatening nuclear war. Trump is president. How are brands supposed to have fun on social media when all this bad stuff is happening?! The.

Give him 2.54 centimeters and he'll take 1.609344 kilometers
I like the metric system. I really do. It’s so much easier than trying to remember how many inches there are to a mile, or roods per square furlong *. I prefer metric over the imperial system, and use it all the time. I really wish the U.S. would just.

Forget Standing Desks: Study Suggests Bicycle Desks Can Offset Hazards of Sitting -
Wikipedia says in the Netherlands 37% of the Dutch use the bicycle as their primary mode of transportation. I submit to you that not a ... Maybe American bicyclists feel they must compete with cars and each other in a mad Tour de France -style sprint to.

Mary Jo Copeland selling site once planned for orphanage - Minneapolis Star Tribune
Gallery: Here, Mary Jo Copeland pffers comfort to Cody Lease, who had just confided that it had been 17 years to the day that he witnessed his mother commit suicide in front of him after the Lease family came to Copeland at her original facility.

CJ: A snowy sign of the crime for Fox 9's Cody Matz - Minneapolis Star Tribune
More than 200,000 Facebookers have enjoyed Fox 9 meteorologist Cody Matz's brush with a trespassing sign. Matz was doing a live shot Thursday in Lakeville after a little snow hit the metro. “You can always tell when you get that heavy, wet snow.

On the Use of Memes in Government Communication -
The U.S. Copyright Office offers some examples of fair use, and an entry in Wikipedia sums them up: “Commentary, search engines, criticism, parody, news reporting, research, teaching, library archiving and scholarship.” Let's look at how government.

Cass Sunstein's 8 Simple Rules for Making Government 'Simpler' -
Speak in plain English , rather than in jargon. Give clear guidance, rather than vague or ambiguous guidance to people. Work very carefully with people who are going to be affected by requirements or guidance to make sure they actually understand it and.

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