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Niall Horan and Justin Bieber pictured with 'suspicious pipe' in Cody Simpson shock Snapchat video
Niall Horan and Justin Bieber have been pictured with a suspicious glass pipe in a shock Snapchat video. The One Direction singer and his friend, plus Australian singer Cody Simpson ... as the image goes viral. It's not clear whether the pipe was being.

Cody Simpson Admits Owning Marijuana Pipe In Snapchat Video, Justin Bieber Called Him ‘A F****** Idiot’
Cody Simpson has admitted he owns the ... “If I had known [the pipe was visible] when I put it up [the video] I probably wouldn’t have put it up, just for the sake of not knowing the other people in the Snapchat situation with that stuff.”.

Cody Simpson reveals Justin Bieber fired off a text calling him 'an idiot' for posting a Snapchat of them and Niall Horan sitting beside a 'suspicious looking glass pipe'
It was a Snapchat that went viral within minutes of Australian singer Cody Simpson posting it ... If I had known I probably wouldn't have put it up, for the sake of not knowing the other people in the Snapchat's situations with that stuff.

Gigi Hadid, Boyfriend Cody Simpson Enjoy Hot Miami Vacation; Kendall Jenner's BFF Dispells Cocaine Rumors
I'd be an idiot to do that at a WORK EVENT in front of hundreds of people/press. I'm insulted. If u actually watch the video there is nothing on the counter .5 sec's before you see that image.. It's not only impossible but insane to me." Cody Simpson's.

Cody Simpson and Gigi Hadid Bare It All for Photo Series
Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson ... Snapchat video was taken that showed Gigi in the background with her head held low, hovering over a counter during the industry event. A gossip site reported that Gigi was doing cocaine, though the image in the video is not.

Justin Bieber, 1D’s Niall Horan and Cody Simpson snapped near ‘suspicious’ glass pipe on Snapchat
THEY’RE not usually known for their bad-boy reps, but a Snapchat video of Cody Simpson and Niall Horan hanging out with pop brat Justin Bieber has raised eyebrows. A suspicious-looking glass pipe is visible on a coffee table in the 10-second Snapchat.

Exes Gigi Hadid & Cody Simpson Are Seated Next To Each Other On A Plane — And Cody Shares The Awkward Pic On Snapchat!
But not only did they get on the same flight ... now — but the former couple seemed pretty cool about it. So much so that Cody even shared a photo of the situation on Snapchat! It's like a romantic comedy plotline!!! Except if this really were a movie.

Cody Simpson on Girlfriend Gigi Hadid Cocaine Rumor: "She Would Never"
Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson attends ... will not stand for or put up with a little piece of scum blog like OU,” the 19-year-old model tweeted, referring to site OceanUp, which posted the Snapchat. “If u actually watch the video there is nothing on.

WATCH: Cody Simpson Talks Girlfriend Gigi Hadid’s Alleged Cocaine Use Following Suspicious Snapchat Video
Gigi Hadid came under fire after her boyfriend Cody Simpson posted a Snapchat video of the actress allegedly snorting cocaine. In the video, the duo was seen dancing at a Victoria’s Secret Pink event in Miami. The model then put her head down on a table.

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