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Some Enterprising XDA Users Get LTE Working On The Nexus 4 For AT&T In The U.S. - On One Band In Few Markets
distances and penetrate buildings better than higher frequencies. However, in some, very select areas, AT&t utilizes band 4. Also referred to as AWS, the carrier has holdings on this spectrum in select markets including Phoenix, Raleigh, San Juan.

9 great and unexpected female inventors
This "We can do it!", ca. 1942 - ca. 1943 poster courtesy of the National Archives shows a poster also commonly known as "Rosie the Riveter." A Michigan factory worker used as the unwitting model for the From feeding amputees to slaughtering animals.

Using TV 'whitespaces' to save endangered animals: Gaps in digital frequencies will monitor creatures in remote areas
It is hoped that the vacant frequencies will allow conservationists in the field ... use of TVWS by wirelessly transmitting video live to YouTube, using Google’s ‘spectrum database’ to make sure they do not interfere with existing channels.

Straight Talk Prepaid Service Now Supports AT&T LTE
Straight Talk, one of the most popular and affordable prepaid smartphone options, now appears to support AT&T’s 4G LTE. At $45 per month for unlimited talk, text, and data, this is now an incredibly interesting choice if carriers, subsidies, and.

Scientists confirm correlation between malignant hyperthermia and exertional heat stroke
Global warming and increasing frequency of heat waves, which are particularly dangerous in large urban areas, in future years will represent a reason of concern for human health," said Feliciano Protasi, Ph.D., a researcher involved in the work at the.

Giant Loop Waterproof Double Ended Bag Peek
but can be secured on virtually any motorcycle make or model making them indispensible equipment for a broad spectrum of on-road and off-road motorcycle riders. Made in USA of 18 oz polyurethane with 100% waterproof radio-frequency welded seams.

Helicopter survey probes permafrost in Goldstream Valley
On the broad spectrum, sand is the least conductive, salt water the most conductive and clay-rich soil somewhere in the middle. RESOLVE operates five different frequencies to provide detailed information about depth and thickness. After compiling data.

Teenager Invents “Cave Texting” Underground Low Frequency Radio
Teenagers seem to fall on two sides of the spectrum these days, lazy gamers who love to partake ... Alexander Kendrick falls into that second category, inventing a low-frequency radio that has revolutionized “deep underground texting.

UPDATE: MSU will keep WKAR, partner with DPTV
Simon said several factors contributed to the decision not to participate in the sale, which could have brought MSU some $200 million for agreeing to part with its broadcast frequency. Congress has directed the FCC to make more of the spectrum available.

ENTERTAINMENT BLOG: Dickinson College's WDCV celebrates a milestone
That’s how broadcast frequency was disseminated,” Tracy said ... and streaming over on mobile devices via Stretch Internet. The station has a full spectrum of musical genres including jazz, world music and blues. It airs school sports programming.

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