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Qatar couple plead guilty to visa fraud, misprision of felony
Al Homoud is attending military training at Camp Bullis, as his wife Al Hosani, a citizen of the United Arab Emirates, and their two children live in the Dominion area ... The housemaid is a citizen of Indonesia and the servant from Bangladesh, according.

At Least One Star Will Have a Very Close Encounter With Our Sun
One star in particular—Gliese 710—is expected to whiz by our star by about 16,000 Earth-Sun distances in about 1.3 million years. Of all the stars the researchers studied, this is by far the closest one that will pass our star. While scientists have.

Puerto Rico
Everyone knows it pays to be a local. Everyone also knows that it REALLY pays to be a local in Puerto Rico. Two guys who know that feeling well: Brian Toth and Dylan Graves. Here's the two puertorriqueños enjoying the fruits of home.

Shelby Steele has a lot to say about black society. He calls it common sense. Some call him an Uncle Tom.
The only thing that makes me interesting as a writer," Shelby Steele says, "is that I'm just talking common ... He says that blacks who use the "race card," as Johnnie Cochran did in defending O.J. Simpson, are practicing "blackmail" through the.

Our Brilliant President
So, I came here to find out what the Daily Kos reaction was to James Hoffa's speech. I expected to find a front pager that had written about the speech. But instead, I found nothing. If you don't.

Deadspin Up All Night: It's Good To Have The Feeling You're The Best
Thank you for your continued support of Deadspin. Get that summer sunshine while you still can.

EXCLUSIVE - 'Psycho trader must die as my beautiful daughter died... a knife plunged into him time and again': Stricken mother of second prostitute murdered in Hong Kong horror ...
I was the first Western journalist to reach the tiny Indonesian village of Sido Makmur after a bone-jarring trip along unmade roads through miles of jungle broken by small impoverished communities who live in wooden ... families in Indonesia and arrived.

Before You Exit: Band of brothers living the dream
In the US, the band caught the public' s attention last year after winning Macy' s iHeartRadio Rising Star talent search ... Australian pop singer Cody Simpson and British pop band The Vamps. ' They are all like different experiences.

Is Betelgeuse about to blow?
But the hot spot (probably due to a big ol’ bubble of hot gas rising near the surface) in itself shows that things on the star change all the time; just recently two such spots were found. The post also talks about Betelgeuse shrinking. That claim is.

Stars from AMERICAN IDOL, SYTYCD & DWTS Set for Tonight's BALLROOM WITH A TWIST at Bucks County Playhouse
Bucks County Playhouse opens up its stage to the star power talent with the National Tour of BALLROOM WITH A TWIST tonight, November 4th. Audiences are invited to experience the unique and live thrill ... in the Professional Rising Star Latin category.

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