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Cody Simpson returns to Gold Coast after touring with Justin Bieber
Aussie singer, Cody Simpson ... Cody started his career in music by recording videos of himself singing songs in his bedroom during the summer of 2009 and uploaded them to YouTube. He released a single called iYiYi when people first began to notice.

Cody Simpson ready to show off his musical chops
Cody Simpson and Plug In Stereo perform Wednesday ... as “Coast to Coast” and “4U,” guested on rapper Flo Rida’s “iYiYi” and toured with Justin Bieber, with whom Simpson shares a manager. His goal now, however, is to leave any vestiges.

Life’s A Beach For Cody Simpson In His “iYiYi” Video
Cody Simpson is probably hoping that with the release of his music video for “iYiYi,” people will stop referring to him as the Australian Justin Bieber and just start calling him that kid with a hit single who’ll be performing at campground near you.

'New mixtape dropping soon': Shirtless singer Cody Simpson flaunts muscle-bound chest in hilarious video of himself rapping
And Cody Simpson, 20, displayed his ripped upper frame during a shirtless video uploaded to Instagram on Friday ... What happened to his surf music??? The fu**???' Others clearly were in on the joke, writing: 'Amazing haha', 'hahahah I love him even.

MTV PUSH Artist Of The Week: Cody Simpson
Two years ago, 14-year-old pop singer Cody Simpson was recording covers of Jason Mraz and Justin Timberlake in his Australian bedroom. Now he's our MTV PUSH Artist of the Week, and ready to dominate stateside and beyond. Last year's "iYiYi," his debut.

Cody Simpson: 8 Ways To Become The Next Big Thing
But for 14-year-old Cody Simpson, the goofy-smiled ... first starting posting YouTube videos in the summer of 2009, this is reality. Now, after an infectious hit single featuring Flo Rida (seriously, who doesn't love "iYiYi"?) and two EPs, Cody is taking.

Spending a day with 'tween idol Cody Simpson
Blond Australian ‘tween singer Cody Simpson, who performs Feb. 3 at ... He says that as he continued swimming every day, “The music came more and more into my life,” as thousands of people found his videos online. Soon he was contacted by Shawn.

Cody Simpson Surfs Up in 'iYiYi' Video
Teen pop newcomer Cody Simpson hits the beach with friends and gets help from Flo Rida in the video for his debut single, "iYiYi." In the just-premiered clip, the 14-year-old Australia native shows off some impressive surfing and skateboarding skills.

Music videos were bad before Rebecca Black - look at Kylie, Kate Bush and Cody Simpson
Then in the '80s a new awareness of the power of the visual medium swept the music industry leading to increasingly elaborate videos ... IYiYi, 2010 - Making it in the US market Say hello to Australia’s answer to Justin Bieber - 14-year-old Cody Simpson.

Cody Simpson will make Manila go “La Da Dee” on August 12!
Simpson’s claim to fame was his debut single “iYiYi” released in 2009 which features ... Now creating his own music independently under his own label, Coast House, Cody Simpson will release a new album entitled “Free”. The record, scheduled.

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