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The 200 Most Important Events in Sports History
In 1919, this thoroughbred was the first to complete ... than fiction. Starting his rookie season 8–0 with five shutouts and an ERA of 0.50 was certainly impressive, but it was Fernando Valenzuela's exuberant, sky-peering windup that had fans in awe.

Netflix -
And for "Gilmore Girls" fans who have been clamoring for years to return to the fictional town of Stars Hollow, Netflix brought a little piece of it to them. It turned cafés across the country into Luke's Diner, the café on the series, and served free.

How does Adele make YOU feel? Sad songs provide 'enjoyment, comfort or pain to different people' - Daily Mail
well as how music rehabilitation and music therapy might tap into these processes of comfort, relief, and enjoyment. 'The findings also have implications for understanding the paradoxical nature of enjoyment of negative emotions within the arts and.

'Puppet master' in gut makes us crave chocolate...rather than a lack of self-control - Daily Mail
The next time you succumb to an irresistible craving for a late-night burger, a bowl of ice cream or a bar of chocolate, it's not down to a lack of willpower – it could be due to microscopic bacteria in your gut. Experts believe that groundbreaking.

PETER HITCHENS: We aren't fighting a 'war' - they're just a bunch of doped-up losers - Daily Mail
Inside the Paris attackers' inner circle CNN.

The secret to being happy... keep a diary: Taking note of what lifts our mood means we can learn how to cheer ... - Daily Mail
Note to self: the key to happiness is keeping a diary and writing down the things that make you smile. For while fictional diarists Bridget Jones and Adrian Mole used journals to record their woes and embarrassments, paying attention to the things that.

Human embryos grown in a lab dish for 13 DAYS: Experts smash previous six-day record... but should they go any ... - Daily Mail
Aldous Huxley's 1931 novel Brave New World depicted a nightmare scenario where babies were grown in laboratories. But Prof Zernicka-Goetz insisted we are 'extremely far' away from growing a whole baby outside a womb, adding: 'That's science fiction &#39.

'My deja vu is so extreme I can't tell what's real': Man describes how a brain tumor left him with severe flashbacks ... - Daily Mail
And it's hard for me not to worry whether the blurring of fact and fiction that I experience might one day engender a kind of mania. ..... When I regained my composure enough to read the finished article the next day, there was nothing here but blank.

Woman who is losing her sight to a rare genetic condition may have a bionic eye fitted with a 'Terminator-style ... - Daily Mail
A woman who is losing her sight could become the first patient in Scotland to be fitted with a bionic eye. Alice McCartney, of Govan, Glasgow, is losing her sight to a rare genetic condition, but is set to have a 'Terminator-style' microchip fitted.

'No idea what I was thinking!' Chris Bath shares a throwback picture of herself donning an aviator hat and goggles - Daily Mail
Comparing herself to the fictional character and pilot James 'Biggles' Bigglesworth, Chris smiles with old-school brown aviator hat and goggles on. She has her brown locks out in the undated snap, which appears to be from her early days in the industry.

Frankenstein 2.0: Hollywood's obsession with 'playing God' - Daily Mail
quot;Cinema, and fiction at large, are escapist art forms, but characters believing they can achieve the impossible through the ultimate power of creation can inspire thought-provoking stories that stick with you after leaving the theater." Modern.

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