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The 11 Best Ani DiFranco Songs - Paste Magazine
With more than 20 recorded albums of original music and countless collaborations with legends such as Prince, Bruce Cockburn, and Dar Williams, Ani DiFranco's catalog is expansive. Both DiFranco and her music can be described as punk, honest, powerful&nbsp.

Twitter kills the moment: Tab to be removed by trending topics in app - Daily Mail
Twitter is combining Moments and search into one easy-to-use tab . Called 'Explore', the new tab helps users easily find news, what's trending and what's popular now. Adding the new tab , allows Moments or live videos to get more visibility – each of.

At last! Mastercard reveals app to let you pay your tab WITHOUT having to leave a card behind the bar - Daily Mail
Your credit card and driver's license sit behind the cash register, leaving your personal info widely accessible while you sleep off those vodka tonics. ... Once the tab is ready, customers would get a table number, which they'd give to the bartender.

How does YOUR dishwashing detergent stack up? Experts put top brands to the test against egg yolk, red wine and ... - Daily Mail
The report states: 'Switch to a good quality detergent and you 'll notice better cleaning performance straight away, without needing to upgrade your expensive appliance.' The CHOICE report tested popular brands Finish, Fairy and Earth Choice and.

'Debug' project from Google sister company to release 20 million mosquitoes infected with bacteria to stop wild bugs ... - Daily Mail
Verily Robot Will Raise 20 Million Sterile Mosquitoes for Release in California MIT Technology Review.

Facebook quietly launches a desktop version of its Workplace Chat app, complete with screen-sharing options - Daily Mail
Facebook quietly launches Mac and PC Workplace Chat apps with screen share TechCrunch.

California woman picks up $405 tab and spends $100 on dessert for a group of firefighters at Denny's after they ... - Daily Mail
Unfortunately, the firefighters didn't get the name of the woman who made the generous gesture. 'I felt so bummed out,' said Margarita Hernandez, 28, of Colton, who waited on the men. 'I should have gotten her name.' She said that she was surprised by.

Cody Simpson, ‘On My Mind’ – Song Review
Last week Cody Simpson revealed the artwork for his new single 'On My Mind ... he can't stop thinking about a girl: "The moment that we met, I didn't know yet / That I was looking at a face I'd never forget / Cause I can't get you off my mind.

EXCLUSIVE: Love Island winners Amber and Kem 'to become millionaires within A YEAR'... as it's claimed he has ... - Daily Mail
Jonathan Shalit OBE, Chairman of Roar, told MailOnline: 'If you come in the top three on Love Island and get through to the final you can certainly earn a seven figure sum over the next year. 'The reality is, some of them could be doing massive.

LIZ JONES: Like Mel B I'm broke - but it's the shame that hurts the most - Daily Mail
The papers yesterday were stuffed with photos of Mel B's outdoor TV, pool and hot tub, with a caption that noted she has '6,000 sq ft of space indoors'; unless you 're an estate agent, can you really picture that? ... never mind the huge loss. They even.

Robots with artificial intelligence and infrared sensors are waging war on disease-carrying mosquitoes - Daily Mail
Smart traps - Roughly the size of large birdhouses, these smart traps use robotics, infrared sensors, machine learning and cloud computing to help health officials keep tabs on potential disease carriers. Genetic modifications - Oxitec, an Oxford-based.

Q&A with Joyce Manor
DN: That’s really cool because “Fake I.D.” probably had one of my favorite hooks of last year. BJ: Thank you very much, once you get to that Kanye line you can really hear it. DN: This is going to be your first time in Nebraska since “Cody” was.

The tablet that can turn into a phone: Lenovo unveils radical folding prototype - Daily Mail
Lenovo has unveiled a prototype for a tablet with a bendable screen that can be folded into a smartphone-sized mobile device. The 'Folio' device, which is still at the concept stage, can be transformed from a 5.5-inch smartphone-sized gadget into a 7.8.

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